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Later that evening, they go to the motel where Chris is staying and Jade finally gets a chance to share her secret.

She shows her Playboy photos and video to Chris, who is initially shocked but decides that he will not judge her for her past and that this will not affect their relationship. Becca: Her hometown date begins in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Back at the house, Britt tells the others that she feels she needs to leave, but they are skeptical that she will actually go through with it. Chris worries about whether Becca is capable of being close with anyone, but decides that it worth it to be the one that she's waiting for.

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During the discussion Chris points out that there have been several instances where she seems to have been lying to him, which has led him to decide that he can't continue a relationship with her. She and Chris go to a record studio and produce a rap song about their experiences so far.

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Jade: Last, Jade's hometown date is in Gering, Nebraska. Jade is also disappointed that she will not be able to share her secret with Chris.

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn's date takes place in Phoenix, Arizona instead of her native Canadasince that is where her parents spend the winter. Becca's sister tells Becca that she is worried how Chris will react to her virginity if they reach the fantasy suite. Carly does not get a rose and is eliminated. At the end of the evening Whitney opened and shared an expensive bottle of wine with Chris to celebrate the occasion.

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Chris is not thrilled with having to make a very hard decision about whom to send home. Then they go to dinner with her family in her apartment. Afterwards, Kaitlyn takes Chris out and shows him a huge "Kaitlyn [hearts] Chris" billboard which she had arranged. Her mother tells Chris that Kaitlyn may be protecting her heart because she had a relationship that ended badly.

Chris is puzzled, because he has never seen this side of her.

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Back at the ceremony, Chris says that he appreciates their feedback and if they will be honest with him, he will be honest with them. Chris sits on the curb and cries as Jade's limo drives away.

Whitney: Next is Whitney's date in Chicago, Illinois. Chris asks her sister for her blessing to propose to Whitney and she said she would withhold her blessing until Whitney was the only one remaining. Chris and the final four move on to the hometown dates.

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He gives the roses to Whitney, Kaitlyn and Becca, sending Jade home. Whitney's sister was a bit skeptical of the process and Whitney asks her not to ruin it for her.

First she showed him the fertility clinic where she works. Britt resolves to tell Chris during the Cocktail Party that she is leaving.

She meets Chris at her house and introduces her father, her father's fiance, her brothers and her mother. Jade's father and brother both tell Chris that Jade has a history, although give few details.

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The evening ends on a high note, as Chris takes Becca for a ride on the ferris wheel at the Louisiana State Fair. However, Chris Harrison announces that Chris has decided not to have the Cocktail Party because his mind is made up.

Week 7 Rose Ceremony: Before Chris can hand out the first rose, Britt asks to speak with him privately. Her family tells Chris that she had never been in a serious relationship before, and that they are surprised by how close they seem to be. She sits outside and sobs and the others feel that she is finally getting a taste of the real world.

Then they go to her house and meet with her parents, her step-parents, and her sister. Chris reassures Jade that her revelation did not play a role in his decision. Her father warns him that her boyfriends found her too much to handle and her brother says she is a free spirit and a wild mustang, but that she might be able to settle down. She tells him that she has never brought anyone home to meet her parents.