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Lisa was forced into Walton's car, which Heneby was driving, and killed a short time later after resisting their sexual attack, the paper said.

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She died of multiple cut and stab wounds. In the same month, a Mayor's Youth Task Force was created in response to the community's increased fear for children's safety. But after seven months had passed and no progress had been made in the Norrell case, the mothers decided to bring civil charges against Shoemake. Was there a serial killer on the loose? Lisa was wearing a long gray sweatshirt and blue jeans, and carrying the dark blue velvet dress and black dress shoes she had taken to the party.

Last month another coknty was found badly beaten in a Bay Point rest stop.

Police would not comment on whether Lisa had been sexually assaulted. All of the puttsburg bodies were discovered within miles of the industrial site where Lisa's corpse was found. She and other members of her family spent hours looking for Lisa. They sealed the arrest and search warrants served on the two men.

But still, apparently no one has come forward with information, and pittdburg uncertainty prostitutees lack of resolution of the case continue to unsettle many. According to participants at the rehearsal, Lisa angrily left the hall between and 11 p. What looked like an example of sharp pitstburg work turned into a frustrating embarrassment a day later when Contra Costa County prosecutors announced that there was not enough evidence to charge either man. After trying to unravel the mystery of Lisa's murder for two months, yesterday police had to put it back in the "unsolved" category, along with the slayings of Jessica Frederick and Rachael Cruiseboth found killed in December.

Because of the censoring of certain details of the report, it is not clear county she died of suffocation or strangulation. He then pittsburg enraged and attacked the girl, they said. Police, searching for similarities with past cases, looked at the unsolved murders of two prostitutes in the Pittsburg area, Cunty Mattos and Andrea Ingersoll. The manager of the company still remembers hundreds of policemen inspecting the area, sending the staff home once they found the body and closing down three blocks for about three days.

Though attorneys representing both the Contra Costa Prostitufes and the San Francisco Chronicle protested the move, Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Douglas Pipes, with the assent of Judge John Minney, ordered the erasure of nine words on Lisa's certificate of death and of approximately 50 words on the coroner's report. All the community knows is that pittsburg left in anger. Deputies even went so far as to approach prostitutes in the area to warn them to stay off counnty streets.

Her body was found November 14 at an industrial site on the Pittsburg-Antioch Highway.

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It has also sparked a court fight over media access to public records, after police and prosecutors sealed nearly every document relating to the investigation in hopes of encouraging witnesses to come forward. After one of the men touched her, she insulted him, the sources said. Her asphyxiated body was found, face down, her hands clenched in fists, a prosgitutes later in the yard of a landscaping firm alongside the Pittsburg-Antioch highway on November 14, A loving mother left without her only.

Rohde, one of Lisa's high school teachers. Police began scouring the area with infrared video cameras. They have a sense of immunity," explained Christine M.

Ccounty remained in jail on an unrelated domestic violence charge. And while the detectives who man the trailer office, John M. Detective Costa said that he does not believe that any of the cases are related.

Three of the victims were known prostitutes. Minnie Norrell awoke from her sleep, and realized that her daughter had not come home. The grisly discovery was made one day after Contra Costa County prosecutors refused to charge two Antioch men arrested on suspicion of killing year-old Lisa Norrellthe first in the spate of slayings that has shaken the community.

Rachael Cruise, 32, was found on California Avenue on December 15; she died of asphyxia and manual strangulation.

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During the week of Lisa's absence, Minnie relied on the support of her friends and family. The Community Reacts Within hours of Lisa's disappearance, organizations and individuals showed their support to Lisa's family and the police investigation in ways small and large, prostitutess outreach reflecting the closeness many in the proudly multiethnic town feel for one another See CITY.

Police have urged the public to remain calm, saying they have not linked any of the cases. Information was so restricted that when Contra Costa sheriff's Sergeant Mark Hale was asked if the case was being treated as a homicide, he answered simply, "Well, she's dead.

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Two arrested suspects released for lack of evidence. Shortly after noon yesterday, a passer-by discovered the body of a Bay Point woman in her 30s in a ditch, just outside Pittsburg prostituhes limits. Pittsburg police Lieutenant William Zbacnik said the victim had been arrested several times for prostitution. A former fire captain whose pittsubrg child molestation charges are peculiarly dropped in exchange for information about the murder.

One of them said she had hoped the dropping of the charges would result in an arrest and conviction in the Norrell murder, which had devastated and saddened their town.

He then abruptly ended a press conference. On one side are fields, and on the other side, occasional industrial businesses.

pitfsburg They would also not discuss the ificance of a red pickup found at the scene that was examined by officers. The slaying has prostiitutes fears about whether a serial killer is on the loose, seen two suspects arrested by Pittsburg police only to be released a day later, and witnessed the peculiar circumstance of a local fire captain escaping serious criminal charges in exchange for giving evidence in the probe.

The city had six homicides in the first 10 months of before Lisa's slaying in November began a string of killings of young women.

But on January 11,even though a judge had declared there was ample evidence to put Shoemake on trial, the charges were dropped, reportedly in exchange for his giving evidence to police about the suspect, Heneby, who was his niece's husband at the inn.