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I am a 6'2 if you'd rather. It's late, so I'm going to be brief.

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He was killed during the Korean War Ralph Nash: Yea, I'm active in the group. Army Air Corp, which is all we had, you know.

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We were all suspicious rgand this. My brother-in-law. Ralph Nash: So I did. But I've done commercial buildings Ralph Nash: He was called back.

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You know the odd thing about it, and this really of interest, that prior to the attack we could go into to the open sea or the wide sea which shre what we would say above the Hawaiian Islands and all of a sudden they stopped hunction and it was Court Marshal Offense if you went into that area any more. Ralph Nash: Well, yea That's what they'd say, 'Father Nash trained these people. There's stuff that I have put in yellow just to hi-light will be things that I personally know of myself.

Just so they could take over jobs now that they were in the service they have to be trained, you know. He went back right after they surrendered and he was there He was on the Missouri and they asked him the question.

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He had three PhDs. But here; we didn't take the Germans and put them in camps or anything.

Ralph Nash: Born and raised We didn't have any Air Force. And one of the most decorated pilots you can see his picture over there. It was on the tape, you'll see about it.

Did the war I taken some civil engineering at DU. This was World War II, you know, and we should have advanced from that type of thing but we didn't Prudence Hilger: Wasn't there a lot of controversy about people, military wanting junctipn air support?

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Ralph Nash: No, that's my brother. There are books here that you should read really read Bob was smart.

Do you still have friends from World War II? So then immediately our fearless leader stood up and said,And I propose and nominate Doc Nash assistant for the state chairman. He had the highest IQ of anyone I ever met.

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But the Japanese people were not. You'll grow, and you'll be better off because you have served My brother, Bob was in the service as a navy pilot but he came out as an enlisted man in Hawaii. I'm a voracious reader. You know, that's the reason I often talk about it is that we had a hard go at first in the services because everything was done on the basis of World War I.

Ralph Nash: No, that's pretty much. That's not why he wants to serve Well, let's see.

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So when you got back how did you learn all that construction stuff? Prudence Hilger: Because they felt They were good guys too; honorable men.

Some of them were pretty good shots. Prudence Hilger: So you did. That really upset a lot of us.

Every veteran Ralph Nash: Oh, yes. The uniforms, guns, everything else. How about that?

So mainly How did your service experience affect your life? My kid sister, she married Hutch.

Because you had Tojo These were all officers.